The Lion Pig Diet

New Diet For 2018

The mind of a lion the belly of a pig.


The lion pig diet is a great alternative to gimmick or traditional diets that have failed you in the past, with this diet you can still eat whatever you want and never miss a social occasions all the while still losing a ton of weight each week.


The benefits of this diet:


1. Eat what you want.

2. Eat when you want.

3. Eat as much as you want.

4. Control the speed of your weight loss.

5. Exercise optional but not necessary.

recipes (Coming Soon)

After struggling with my own weight for over 10 years and trying virtually every diet on the market from gimmick diets to traditional diets all in which have failed me.


I decided to launch my own diet for 2018 or as I prefer to call it, healthy lifestyle. So far I've lost 25 pounds on this diet, I'm still very much on my own journey but am now confident enough to say it works very well.


This diet is designed to get you thinking as a lion or hunter but still addresses the pig in us.


Probably like a lot of you out there I've struggled with weight loss, I tend to do well for a several weeks but inevitably fall back into my bad habits.


That's why it was very important for me when designing a diet to be able to compensate for the pig in me for those moments when you can't compromise, you can't talk yourself out of something sweet, just wanting that dopamine rush of a good burger, pizza etc.


What qualifies me to be able to give dietary advice? First off I should say I'm not a doctor or a dietitian but I am the world's biggest binger! I'm a foodaholic! I have no willpower! I'm the worst of the worst! The only thing that qualifies me is the fact that I've suffered over and over again trying to find the right diet only to be let down over and over again.


For the first time I feel like I found something very real, very tangible, a diet that is finally working for me, that has allowed me to lose 25 lb in a short time without feeling like I'm missing out on any foods.


I'm now thinking like a lion by day and satisfying my pig by night, for the first time I'm controlling my dopamine rush, it's not controlling me. 


Under construction,


This web page is still under construction if you'd like to know more about the lion pig diet contact me and I'll be happy to send you some more information so you can get started on the diet but otherwise keep an eye on this page Thank you for reading - Gary Wright


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