Philosophy · 31. July 2018
So we've been told over and over again, "if you want a fulfilled life you should probably start a business or get a job around what you love doing" right!? But what if that just doesn't seem feasible, I mean, I love music, surfing and computers but I'm no expert in these areas, it's not clear cut but what if there's another way to look at it? What's my life purpose?
Philosophy · 07. January 2018
Some say we are some say we're not but what's the actual probability?
Philosophy · 07. January 2018
Does god exist? An easy question for some and an impossible question for others.
Philosophy · 27. December 2017
It's the biggest question we can possibly ask, "what's the meaning of life?" We're here too briefly to be wasting our time, life is short, what philosophy should we hold?

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