About Me

I started Garyboo because honesty I needed something to save me from myself. 
But the truth is, I'm a real simple guy, living in a very quiet part of the world, North Devon in the UK, 
I'm also severely dyslexic and left school with no qualifications.
Yet some how, through all that, today, I find myself the luckiest man alive!! I have the most beautiful baby daughter and girlfriend I could have only dreamed of before.
I'm also able to write thanks to modern technology and predicated text! Something I never thought I could of done a decade ago, it may be a bit unpolished, rough around the edges to say the least but I'm here, it's possible!
These days, thanks to a clear head again, I can start asking some of the big questions again like I used too, family aside, it's what I live for.
I want to write about the universe and everything in it, I want to write in a way that will help humanity, help you and me spiritually and mentally, this is a new age, let's figure out our pain together, let's figure out this three-dimensional space, this consciousness lost in an infinite amount of space and time.

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