How to get Monster Arms!!

So you've been bodybuilding for at least 24 hours now and you've asked yourself the inevitable hard-gainer question, "why do my arms look like two dead twigs Sellotaped to a human cheese wire and not like Arnold Schwarzenegger's magnificent 21 inch freaking massive biceps that look otherworldly?"

Well today's your lucky day because I'm here to tell you how we can get past your bad genetics and add at least half an inch to them Mr fantastic arms all without injecting a truck load of steroids straight into your asshole like some of our favorite Instagram models.


Ok, ok joking aside hopefully you've been bodybuilding for more then 24 hours and you haven't got the genetics of Justin Bieber.


At the end of the day I'm up in fat and got the metabolism of a dead sloth now so please remember I'm only exacerbating for comedic effect but with that said I can help you! You see I just so happen to have freak 21 inch Arms myself! Granted I haven't got a great deal of definition like a proper bodybuilder but I've put my time in, I've benched 140 kg (315) for reps, I've curled 60 kg (130), I've ordered a pizza in bed and got source all over the sheets while telling myself I'm on a bulk. 


So I'm in a great position to guide you to monstrous Arms, I'll run through technique, exercises and reps and sets.


I now present to you Gary's ultimate arm routine:  usually $143244 but only today for 2 seconds just $0!!  

Big And Hard Series, Massive Arms
How to get big arms
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Or alternatively keep reading below, 

Big And Hard Series: Massive Arms

1. Arms are the two long things attached to your upper body.
2. Your Biceps and triceps are located between your shoulder and your wrists.
3. Dumbbells look like these.
4. To grow big arms you must dedicate one day a week to them alone and they must not be seen as an afterthought.
5. Picture your muscles like a slab of glass, if you hit it in the center it will smash but the other areas may only have a few cracks in them, that's why it's Important to change angles and exercises.
6. When training arms try to imagine in your brain you're pumping your muscle up like a bike tire up.
7. Reps for biceps and triceps can range usually any where from 5 to 20 for hypertrophy but in most cases 8 to 15 reps is optimal.
8. Set per exercise usually range from 3 to 5, my advice is that if something feels good keep doing it.
9. Bicep exercises,

1. Barbell curl.
2. Inclined dumbbell curls.
3. Preacher curls.
4. Standing bicep cable curls.
5. Hammer curls.
10. Tricep exercises,

1. Skull crushers.
2. Tricep extension.
3. Kickbacks.
4. Overhead cable extensions.
5. Dips.

11. The End

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