Does god exist?

Being a white British Caucasian male starting school in the early ninety's in a little town in Devon, religion wasn't forced on me perhaps like it would be in some parts of the world, my school and parents were somewhat Christian but apart from the odd prayer and following Christian traditions such as Christmas, Easter etc I've lived a pretty religious free life.


That's not to say I didn't pray night after night as a kid, since an early age I always felt like somebody was watching me.


When I hit my teens I took the stance that religion was utter nosence, I mean talking snakes, walking on water, all the wars religion is responsible for just to name a few.


After years of reading up on quantum mechanics, physics and just science in general I've personally come to the conclusion that there is something to all this energy, I mean one argument you can't deny is the universe is literally conscious because we are conscious, we are the eyes, ears and brains of the universe even if no other consciousness exists out there.



I'm not confident enough to say weather a god actually exists or not, we could be a mere simulation for all I know, But then a higher power would be needed to run that simulation of course.


One thing I do recognize is people who undoubtedly believe in God seem to have much greater willpower to achieve their dreams, goals and desires, so what if, for the rest of us poor Misguided creatures sitting on the fence we took the stance that we are god himself!? Bare with me on this one.


I'm not saying become an egomaniac but instead saying, realize like I said before we literally are the eyes, ears and brains of the universe, you literally have evolved from a single cell living organism to now asking all the big questions.


The truth is we don't know, you're only ever going to see the world from your perspective, there's only one camera rolling and that's your camera, why not be the movie star in your movie?


If you're like me and you're not lucky enough to have a religion, no religion seems to make sense or worthwhile following, don't give up hope, just because the religious books haven't got it right for you doesn't mean there ain't a higher power, doesn't mean the universe isn't alive, we've already discovered the universe is indeed conscious and alive simply by observing ourselves.


All this energy came from somewhere and I think that's all you have to acknowledge to be able to define a god exists, for me God isn't a man in white sitting on top of a cloud, for me God is all the energy in and around me, the atoms that make our body's, the ability to think and ask questions, the very Fabric of the universe.



So why not live your life like you're god himself after all you're made from all this stuff!?


To end on a high note,


This is your universe, you are the star of your own movie, you can make anything happen simply by first thinking it and then making it come to fruition, just believe it, just say it, work towards it and it's yours. You can make anything happen, this is your show, you are in charge, this is your documentary, this is your TV show, just think about whatever you want, in a years time from now it's yours.


Dose god exist? You are God.


No gimmicks, no spam, just me.

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