Are we alone in the Universe?

It's Saturday night, everyone's out, you've been waiting for this moment all week, your heart starts to race, you open up your laptop simultaneously looking left to right.. 


No, No! Not that sort of alone! 


Are we alone in terms of are we the only life form in the universe?


Well of course not!



We only have to simply observe the way matter behaves and we can clearly see that the universe should be teeming with life. Of course we haven't any evidence of an alien life form quite yet, just like I have no evidence of my missus cheating on the diet we both agreed to started last week but let's face it the law of attraction seems to prevail on a regular basis don't it, in other words I bet she's been at that bloody fridge without me!


I think most would agree the forces of the universe are perfectly in tune with each other, for example matter attracts while dark matter (whatever that is) pushes away.


The universe is set up in a perfect mathematical way so life can flourish, matter attracts to form life, planets, solar systems etc while dark matter pushes solar systems and galaxies apart while creating Goldilocks zones for life.


But if other life does exist is it intelligent?


I believe so,


Living organisms are constantly at war with each other, you only have to look at ocean-life to see this, simply stick on the Blue Planet TV series and you'll see how every living organism in the sea is competing for survival and reproduction. 


If you can just imagine a single cell living organism that started it's journey living in a rock pool somehow managed to evolve all the way to a shark. This to me is evident that life is radically competing against it's self and by observing ourselves intelligence is a major Factor as that's how you and I have come to rule the world, not through being some massive dinosaur capable of eating anything in it's way but through intelligence. 



My conclusion,


There are as many stars in the known universe as there are grains of sand on all our beaches in the world, nearly everyone of those stars have a solar systems and god knows how many planets in it. The fundamental forces of the universe seem to create a perfect place for us to live.


In my opinion life is another result of matter wanting to attract should the environment deem it possible. Then just like antibiotics fighting a virus, life competes for the master race, Evermore pulling for more resources and copping itself over and over again.


One day we were fish that grew legs to be able to use the land and it's resources, tomorrow we are AI machines capable building vest solar panels stations orbiting around the sun Harnessing all of his energy.


Are we alone in the Universe? Probably not.

No gimmicks, no spam, just me.

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