What Is The Meaning Of Life?

The meaning of life is to grow so you can give.


All forms of life behave in a similar fashion, the alpha lion who's king of his tribe brings security, direction and food kills to his clan. The queen bee brings order and stability to the hive. Once a bird finds a mate it builds a nest which provides shelter and protection for is offspring, they regurgitate food to feed their young so they will also grow up to be strong, capable of being the next generation. 


As the animal kingdom already works in this format we therefore must not find words like wealth, profits, bonuses etc unethical. It is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to chase money and power on one very important condition..


That we give back! 




If you have $800 dollars in the bank no one's saying you should go out and give all your time to others, you are obviously still growing yourself but if you have more money then you know what to do with and you're only interested in gaining more and more wealth and power without giving back to the world, then you certainly are living an unethical life.


Hypothetically if you had millions of dollars in the bank and your only interest was your next gratification day to day, you're idea of happiness, self worth and purpose ultimately would be synthetic compared to spending that time giving to others on a consistent bassist. 


I don't just mean a photo opp with a big fat cheque and have an organisation take care of things for you, I mean to really get involved, have you're own projects going on.



Do a quick thought experiment, who's the happiest? The self indulgent rich guy after a 4 day crazy drugs and hookers yacht party? Or the generous rich guy who goes home that day knowing thanks to him 40 homeless people who otherwise would of been sleeping rough on the street are now sleeping in a warm bed inside a shelter he just opened.


At first you might think the party sounds pretty good right! But now try to imagine him at home afterwards staring at the walls, tapping his fingers, twitching his feet. You see he has gone the route of the big dopamine fix, no doubt very pleasurable in the moment but with such a dopamine spike comes a reverse spike, this is why a lot of high profile people who command whatever they want end up with depression.


So let's put ourselves back into the generous giving rich guys shoes again. Now imagine he's on his death bed and he has one final look back on his life.


"Yes, I may have been a bit ruthless in the beginning making my money" He thinks, 


"Yes, I did things I didn't want to do, spent time I'd rather have spent at home with my family" he ponders.


"But with the finances I did build, I looked after my wife, she was able to bring up our kids, I was able to give them a great education and leave them money. I was able to give mine and my wife's parents high quilty care at the end of their years. I was able to help mine and my wife siblings with their financial stability. I was able to set up multiple charitys from helping the homeless directly by opening shelters, to travelling to Africa to help and invest in clean water projects"


The generous rich guy dies with a smile on his face. 


The conclusion to, what's the meaning of life?


No one expects the hungry lion to be the worlds biggest giver, the first half of our life is all about making a name for ourselves, finding our place in the world and where we're most efficient.


But where many get lost is in their addiction to want more and more power and money never finding peace or happiness, chasing that never ending dopamine fix. 


The latter part of our life should be all about giving and not necessary in just terms of money, if you've lived a modest life then perhaps giving comes in the form of knowledge and experience.


Focus on growing so you can give later on, be that, money, knowledge, experience, assets, life, security.

No gimmicks, no spam, just me.

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