Tea & Coffee For Weight Loss


"Right!! That"s it! I'm going on a diet" 


Yeah yeah we've all said that before haven't we, then go on to deprive ourselves, treating ourselves worse then a dog in a medieval prison during a famine! (No, but seriously! They used to trial animals back in those times)


Then a couple of days later you inevitably break, galloping to the fridge like some crazed animal, gorging on all it's contents! gagging noises echo the house while consuming a string of raw sausages, throwing cake all over yourself while trying to catch it in your mouth, rubbing lard around your nipples.. No!.. that last bit just me then?



 OK so being serious,


Why do we crumble and last all of 4 hours when on a diet? 


Be kind to yourself!! And drink plenty of tea and coffee for weight loss.


When you go on a diet you're putting your body through extreme stress! It literary thinks you're dying. So we need to think of ways to tell our system it's OK you're in good hands and being looked after.



One of the best ways to go about this is to drink lots of tea and coffee throughout the day, (low calorie, sweetener) and other healthy hot drinks. Not only are hot drinks a natural appetite suppressant but great for decreasing stress.


Also lots of healthy snacks should be consumed, summer time should be fruit based snacks and winter time vegetable based. 



The worse thing you can do is starve yourself, be in low temperatures and over exhaust yourself physically, this will inevitably stress your system out and the cravings will be too overwhelming to control. You're body will kick back into survival mode and override you're diet plan.


After all, FAT stands for famine and temperature, this is like a computer code written in your DNA, software that will kick in if you don't follow the rules.




In conclusion, 


Ignoring your needs and poor diet management is a ticking time bomb, your system will eventually close down and turn your brain cravings up to 11. 


You need to keep reminding the system it's being looked after, so keep warm, indulged in plenty of hot drinks like tea, coffee, herbal etc and don't forget to eat seasonal healthy snacks. 


Make sure you're not over doing it too, If you're hitting the gym everyday hours on end for weight loss it's probably way too much while on a calorie deficit, instead you should look at 2 or 3 short 20 minute hiit training sessions per week.


As for diet, you can't go wrong with whole foods! Natural foods out of the ground, trees, sea and farm. And no limits should ever be set for how much you can eat, as soon as you're body thinks it's on a diet it's going to fight back hard. 

No gimmicks, no spam, just me.

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