What's My Life Purpose?

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What's My Life Purpose
What's My Life Purpose

So I get it, lets all lay down, present our rear ends in the air and hope the machine at least has the courtesy to use some lube. I mean.. Who would dare to be an outcast, a maverick, a believer when we can go to a job we hate for eight, ten, twelve hours a day for minimum wage and use any and every distraction possible to get us through our boring life's. Maybe I'll smash a bottle of whiskey on a Monday! Watch too much telly, could take a trip on ketamine, an evening blowjob, don't forget to take your smart device to the toilet with you! Are we filling our life's with multiple distractions one after another? "what's my life purpose?" you might ponder time form time or the purpose of life in general. 


OK maybe I came in a bit too harsh but for good reason, an unfulfilled life nearly killed me! I've drank myself silly in the past! Every evening in my late twenty's through to early thirty's half a bottle of scotch was my way of dealing with the above, because nobody could tell me why I was so unhappy, so unfulfilled, I had to really do some soul searching and now hopefully I can share that with you in a way that will resonate.

The Purpose of life
The Purpose of life

After reading a s##t load of get rich books on how to become the next Bill Gates I realized they all carried the same message which you've no doubt already heard, you should build a business or career around your hobbies, your one great passion! 


Well.. for the majority of us that doesn't work and here's why, 


My hobbies in the past have included being a vocalist for an alternative rock band, surfing (as in, the sea with a board) and computers to name a few. Now when I looked into turning music into a career, being realistic I had nothing to offer on a professional level, I mean I was just a local alternative rock singer, I'd need to be a singer with music theory, grades and come from a professional background to even begin thinking about offering private lessons.


You may say, "well open your mind a bit there's more to music then just singing lessons" and you'd be right of course, like selling musical instruments online right!?.. But now In my mind we're jumping into something else, retail! Yes it's still to do with music but a totally different ball game in my opinion. 


No doubt we could branch off in all different directions from writing a, how to start a rock band, kindle book to a surf board hire shed but after exploring this way of thinking for many years (what's my life purpose) it just left me very frustrated and confused, never leaving me with a feel good organic business idea I felt compelled to start, especially when the idea was more and more profit driven.

My Purpose
My Purpose

 The thinking I believe that will lead you to your life purpose, 


Instead of your ideas being profit driven and self obsessed, "oh I just love to go swimming, so I should get to swim everyday! But only if I'm paid a fortune!" Instead We should start looking at what we were born to do.


Say hypothetically a world disaster happened and we had to rebuild society and the newly elected mayor said "you can choose whatever jobs you want people just please make sure it's in line with your abilities and for the next 5 years we'll all share the wealth, everyone will get equal pay and accommodation while we rebuild this city". What would you do?


This isn't an advert for communism I assure you, this thought excitement is purely to free our thoughts from profit so we really can take a minute to ask, what's my life purpose?


I love to sing live with a rock band behind me, the many eyes stair, the feel of the microphone wrapped around my fist, the anticipation in my heart, hours of practice about to come into fruition, then the explosion into song!! simultaneously experiencing a connection to the universe so strong it must be what they call god!


Yeah.. I  bloody like singing! But it ain't gonna help no poor African kid If you catch my drift.

The purpose of my life
The purpose of my life

 In recent years I've started to look at the world in a different light, f##k the machine! What if I just want to help someone, f##k profits, f##k personal gain and f##k religion! What if I just do something free, with no agenda not even so I can tell people how charitable I am, totally no strings attached, something for as many people possible. What is my gift to the world?" "What's the purpose of my life?"


"Break the prison your head has created for the heart" - Gary Wright 


In conclusion,


I believe if you look at your life's purpose from a charitable stand point instead of a profit driven self obsessed one, you'll begin to see how you can use your abilities for the good of mankind, THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE!! Of course incredible wealth and self satisfaction can be earned along the way too! But at least it will be organic! True to you! Sounds like a life worth living to me.


What's my life Purpose Book Coming Soon!!

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