Motivation - It's how you talk to yourself.

Blog post by Gary Wright

Let's face it, if you could buy motivation we'd buy it by the bucket load, No matter what the cost! Because I know if I had unlimited motivation I could be whatever and whom ever I wanted to be! I could lose weight with ease, study for a degree, rocket my career and personal relationships and have multiple hobbies just to name a few. 


But the sad truth is most of us barely have the motivation to get up for work in the morning, let alone say no to that peace of cake at 8 in the evening and don't even bring up the bloody gym! After all you've worked a full day!! Finally when the weekend gets here you deserve that bottle of wine and takeaway too right!?


What if I told you there's a powerful way to motivate yourself and it's completely free..



Once I started a diet, well come to think of it I've started many diets and most have failed which brings me to my point actually. You see I had failed at multiple diets a few years back and I remember I'd been on a bit of a binge and I remember thinking ok I'll start the new diet this Monday, it was currently Sunday (the day before) I was walking on a beautiful beach in Devon with my family, we do that sometimes at the weekend. 


A sudden thought came to me as if it was from the ethos it's self! "You've already failed this diet before you've began" the thought said. I thought well f##king great!! I've been going around in circles for years with weight loss and now my brains decided I've failed already! 

It was the way I was talking to myself that was the problem! Of course I was going to fail! I was programmed too, my software was well and truly corrupt after failing so many diets, I suddenly remembered reading a while back as all the peaces of the puzzle started coming to me that we have something like 60 thousand thoughts a day and 90% of them are the same as yesterday.


For true motivation that comes from within and can be used to fulfill our wildest dreams we must first workout a way to speak to ourselves differently, from that day at the beach inwards I decided to repeat powerful phrases throughout the day to myself like: "I'm f##king unstoppable!!" "I'm unbreakable!!" "You have to be mad to turn down a pizza, good job I'm a complete f'ing nut job!!" Etc, etc. 

To summarize,


You got 60 thousand thoughts a day, don't waste them, you're probably stuck in a negative pattern, you need to be saying powerful positive phrases to yourself, go on! Have ago now and see how instantly you'll feel energized, for example if you want more energy in your life right now repeat several times with attitude: "I am all energy" and then: "I'm unstoppable" play around with this, Make up your own that mean something to you and remember to always say it like you mean business.


Oh I nearly forgot to say.. I went on to lose 30 lbs after that day at the beach.

No gimmicks, No spam, Just me!

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