"I'm starting a diet" But what are you really saying?

What are you really saying then you say, "I'm starting a diet tomorrow"


If your like 90% of us poor deluded people, you'll probably say time from time "I'm starting a new diet this Monday" and last all of about 2 hours!


So what are we really saying to ourselves when we say we're starting a new diet? Well let's have a look into it.

When I say "I'm starting a new diet" I'm saying I need to eat healthy foods or restrict the bad ones right? Ok.. so far so good, but then how comes I never last long enough on a diet to achieve my goals? 


Ok, so am I asking something more from myself? Like, am I asking myself to give up on my cravings?..


Well yeah! But do you think you're cravings are going to listen to you? I guarantee you they won't! In fact when they figure out you're on a diet and ignoring them they'll come on twice as strong! 


Right, OK so what are we asking by saying "I'm starting a new diet tomorrow??"

We're asking for freedom! We're asking for freedom, Freedom from our cravings.


So now it might start to make more sense why 90% of diets don't work, we simply didn't know what we were saying or asking of ourselfs.


Ask yourself something, how much does your freedom mean to you? Are you going to be held down by processed foods, alcohol, cigrets etc, etc. Or are you going to stand up and fight like braveheart himself and declare freedom to the English even in the face of death!? 


How will you gain your freedom? By slowly earning it like a gladiator winning battle after battle, IE slowly swapping bad for healthy meals or will you just take it like a warrior going to war with 10,000 men! IE controlling THE TROLL and learning to talk to yourself better.

In conclusion,


Realise what you're asking of yourself when you say "I'm starting a new diet this monday" and the craving and emotion backlash you'll have to endure, you're not just following a set of food guidelines, you're going to war!! Ask how much you're freedom means to you and what you're willing to put on the line to achieve it, are you willing to die for freedom like some of the great leaders of the past?


I'm a great believer in you get out what you put in, if you say, "I'm starting a diet tomorrow" on a Sunday night without much consideration you'll be lucky to make it through the first day, if on the other hand you treat it like you're going to war, you plan, you prep, you visualize, you anticipate cravings and emotions I believe you'll get off to a flying start.


Are you ready to go to war?

No gimmicks, No spam, Just me.

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