How To Stop Binging

Blog post written by Gary Wright

First off, I'm not a psychologist, that said though I think we can all agree there's a part of our mind or thought process, whatever you want to call it, that always manages to manipulate us, when we say no to something it somehow convinced us to do the opposite.


So a quick example, 


Let's say you been on a strict diet all week, it's going well! But now it's the weekend and also you're best friends birthday, you get invited around their house for drinks and eats, you have in your head you'll just have one drink to be social and eat the healthiest thing in the room. But a little voice comes out of the shadows and says, 


"come on, it's your best friends birthday! What kind of a friend would you be if you didn't celebrate properly and have a few more drinks, don't worry about eating health tonight you deserve a little treat tonight! You're doing so well so just enjoy it tonight".

5 hours later.. 


You're pissed out your brains!! Eaten so much s##t you're dragging your gut along the pavement with you! Throwing up in the neighbors garden like you're attempting some hate crime! In the morning you feel so rough all you can think about is a bacon sandwich and as you bite into that greasy delicious sandwich you suddenly realize you've f##ked your diet up good and proper.


Well where did it all go wrong?.. was it going to the house party? Not eating before you went, should you have prepped healthy food to have taken with you? Nah!.. none of them, it was listening to that little voice that came out of the shadows.

 That little voice is called, THE TROLL!!


The Troll is a rotten little creature that lives in us all, he is ready to f##k you over at any minute to get his way, to get his fix, to get his pleasure. He doesn't give a flying f##k about you that's for sure, yet he'll tell you anything you want to hear to get his drug. 


What THE TROLL might say from day to day,


"come on man! Just one more isn't going to hurt!" "I promise we'll start tomorrow" "But everyone else is doing it" "But it's Christmas!!" "You're on holiday" "you need carbs for energy" "But you don't feel well" "we'll drink this weekend but then we'll stop" "But we haven't eaten all day" and the quotes can go on and on!

THE TROLL is ruthless! A master in manipulation and unfortunately the cleverer you are the cleverer he is.


With such a powerful manipulator living inside our heads we need an equally powerfully penitentiary system, think about it, you've been letting a conniving little s##t run wild in your mind twisting and turning the truth to suit his needs at anyone time.


The only way to deal with this little f##k head, THE TROLL is to lock the c##t up!! 


I want you to imagine a cage or a prison cell in your mind and anytime this f##k wit speaks, "but you always have a glass of wine with your roast dinner" tell him to shut the f##k up! sit down in his little cell and tell him it's gonna be a long time till you come out mate.

In conclusion, 


We all have that little voice in us THE TROLL, it's how we choose to address it that's going to make the difference between succeeding on a diet, alcohol detox etc. Start learning to listen out for his voice, if you have a plan and you hear the voice from the shadows, THE TROLL, tell it to be quite, you're in control.

No gimmicks, no spam, just me.

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