How To Diet Without Realizing It

Ah man, just lay me back, pull a belt tight around my bicep, find the largest thickest vain and inject me with some of that burger fat! 


If you're like me and many others it's too easy to go get some fast food at any given moment right! The incredible taste of a big mac or meat-feast takeaway pizza which just happens to be on every street corner these days like some doughy drug dealer.



 If I'm not visiting my local crack den/burger house, I seem to be taking the better half out to a nice restaurant or drinking at bars with friends that always seem to have something to celebrate, swear some of these guys have like 9 birthdays a year! Damn all these calories are adding up!


Living care free is awesome!! Roaming about like some kind of rock star, "I'll eat what I want! When I want!!" "Oh it's midday already, where's my glass!" 


But we know in our hearts it can't go on, especially when we step on the scales and instead of numbers we get a flashing arrow pointing to a doctor.

So like the title says, how do we diet without even realising it? Because let's face it, diets suck!


You might be thinking, "this sounds too good to be true" and that this article is going to leave you majorly disappointed but I'm going to do my very best to convince you otherwise, I promise that taking a new approach to food can be exciting, taste amazing and be very rewarding.


So jumping straight into this new approach, you'll be able to make up some of the most tasty, amazing, mouth watering meals ever! Eat unlimited amounts!! And still lose lots of weight!!


Meals Like,

1. Italian dishes.

2. Casseroles. 

3. Indian dishes.

4. Roasts.

5. Steak and chips.

And many more meals to get excited about.


Hopefully now I got you're attention! these are some proper good meals right!? And you can eat as much as you want! when you want!  


See what all these meals have in common are that they can be made with natural whole foods, foods that are untouched, unprocessed, the exception being pasta products, but study's have found pasta white or brown supports weight loss.

Think, everything that has been through a factory, laboratory or deep fat fryer is most likely processed food, and in my opinion deadly! A lot of these foods have been linked to cancer, diabetes and of course obesity. 


Take anything that grows naturally out of the ground, on trees, the sea or farm and it's probably rich in all the goodness your body needs!


I'm no dietitian but it's surely not rocket science to see mother natures food is alive, full of colors, vitamins, minerals and Mr big businesses products are un-nourishing, dual, dead looking and don't forget, full of sugar! To keep you coming back.

In conclusion, 


Yes processed foods are very convenient but if we can find a way to limit them to prevent weight gain, I promise you, when you master and perfect some of the meals suggested in this article using some of the most fresh whole foods available, you'll eat like a king! And lose weight like a peasant. 


If you'd like to learn more about real foods supposed to processed foods get googling! There are dietitions and experts that can explain this in far more depth then I possible could and you deserve to know the truth.


But for a very quick rough guide on good vs bad foods here's a little list: 


Proceed foods (Bad): bread, pastry, fried foods, potato chips, bread crumbs, batter, soda drinks, chocolate, cake.


Natural (Good): Healthy oils, homemade baked potatoes, fry's or chips, all meat, all fish, all natural beans, all pasta, rice, all vegetables, all fruits, all herbs and spices.

No gimmicks, No spam, Just me!

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