Get Motivated For The Gym Now!

Blog post written by Gary Wright

Are you unmotivated, unsure or down right socially embarrassed to start the gym?


The butterfly effect, ever heard of it? And what's it got to do with weight loss, motivation and social anxiety?


So imagine you travel back in time to let's say.. the 70's! Your journey through the fabric of time is instant, the pod dashboard confirms you have arrived, you open the pod door and simultaneously in amazement at the view you simply wave a butterfly away from your face and in the process kill the poor little thing.


Now that the butterfly ain't around no more there's just that little bit more pollen out in the garden, so a few extra bees come out, then due to more bees flying around some unlucky kid who's allergic to bees gets stung.


His mother quickly drives him to the hospital where a young nurse is already inundated with patients, she takes a look at him, the boy is fine but this causes her to be 20 minutes late leaving work today.


On the way home she gets involved in a car crash due to being late and rushing, not fully aware of her surroundings.


Now, the nurse is ok, she survived but the man she crashed her car into unfortunately was not, he was a professor at a top school and was on a very special project working with genius children with incredibly high IQ's.


One of his favorite pupils from the project later fell into deep depression because of the professors death, the professor was like a father to him. The pupal slowly grew bitter and angry towards the world, he would then go on to spend his adult life working on a computer virus that would bring down society to it's very knees, hacking and setting off nuclear weapons, bring about would war 3. 

 So now, traveling back to your future. The peaceful world you left is replaced by an apoplectic one. Just because of 1 butterfly!


Ok, I'm fully aware this is a far fetched story, to say the least. But just imagine what a simple gym session could do today!! Imagine if your future fit self could tell you, "just go to the gym today even if it's for 20 minutes!" 


Imagine the chain of events that would begin to unfold, 20 minutes today, 30 minutes tomorrow, 1 hour in a months time, 50 lb down In 6 months. Just imagine!! By walking through that door all the kinds of realities that could begin to unravel, 3 month, 6 months, a year from now.


So if you're unsure, if you're unmotivated or socially embarrassed, Just start with the butterfly effect AKA walking through that door.

No gimmicks, no spam, just me!

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