"The truth is dark, lets at least laugh about it" - Gary Wright About Me

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How To Get Monster Arms!!

My how to guide on growing those guns to a monstrous size! I even go as far to writing an eBook on the subject! Be warned I'm no author. Read Here..

Tea & Coffee For Weight Loss.

learn how to be kind to yourself so your body drops fat naturally, don't fight it! Work with it and drink plenty of tea and coffee for weight loss. Read more...

Get Motivated For The Gym Now!!

What's time travel got to with getting motivated to go to the gym?? Are you unmotivated, unsure or down right socially embarrassed to start the gym? Read more..

How To Diet Without Realizing It

Living care free is awesome!! But we know in our hearts it can't go on, "diets are too hard" you may say, but what if there was a way to diet without even knowing you was on one. Read more..

Big Questions I Like To Think About,

Most evenings I find it quite relaxing to just sit back and think about some of the big questions, I'm not sure if I'm always on track, in fact please read my disclaimer as I may well be mad, but for me there's nothing better than sitting around a table with family and friends with a glass of wine to discuss philosophy, religion, politics etc, questions like: what is the meaning of life? Does God exist? Are we alone in the Universe?

What's The Meaning Of Life?

It's the biggest question we can possibly ask, "what's the meaning of life?" We're here too briefly to be wasting our time, life is short, what philosophy should we hold? Read more...

Does God Exist?

Does god exist? An easy question for some and an impossible question for others. Read Here..

Are We Alone In The Universe?

Some say we are some say we're not but what's the actual probability? Read Here..

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